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Wear your culture, wear CLAAT

CLAAT is a Jamaican fashion brand that embodies the vibrant and expressive spirit of the island. Taking its name from the Jamaican word for cloth, CLAAT celebrates the beauty and versatility of fabric in all its forms. But this brand is more than just fashion – it’s a cultural movement that takes pride in embracing Jamaica’s rich history and diverse influences.

At CLAAT, we’re all about authenticity and originality. Our designs are unlike anything you’ve seen before, blending traditional Jamaican elements with contemporary aesthetics to create truly unique pieces. We use only the highest quality materials and custom prints to ensure that every garment is a work of art.

What really sets CLAAT apart, however, is our willingness to embrace controversy and challenge the status quo. Some of our designs incorporate explicit references to the expletive use of the word CLAAT in Jamaican culture, using creativity to turn something negative into a powerful statement of empowerment.


Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or simply express your individuality, CLAAT is the brand for you. We have great plans to extend to other cultures globally. As our slogan says “Wear your culture, wear CLAAT.

What does Claat mean?

Our Mission

  • English Translation: Cloth;

  • To be Struck/hit by an object

  • Definition

    A cloth which can be used to make a dress. To be hit forcibly and deliberately with one’s hand or a weapon or other implement.

  • Example Sentences Patois: Mi a go used a red claat fi mek mi dress 

  • English: I am going to use a red cloth to make my dress

  • Example Sentences

    Patois: she tek her han and claat him crass him face

  • English: She used her hand to hit him across the face

We will create a network of local and international artistic individuals who will use their skills to provide exemplary services to our clients while implementing innovative solutions and designing creative product